The Story of Doug and Chrissy

On April 7, 2010 I flew out to Charleston for a long weekend to take a break from school before finals were to start. On Friday, April 10, 2010 my parents had planned on setting up some young single engineers with some young single nurses at a local bar, Red’s and I was tagging along while they played matchmakers. However, the nurses were late to arrive and when they did, the engineers weren’t impressed. FAIL. I on the other hand, thought this was guy talking to my dad was kind of cute and knowing I was getting ready to move there after graduation, needed someone to hang out with. After pointing him out, I asked my dad what his name was and he said a little too loudly “oh that’s Shane!”. So for the next hour this other guy kept giving me strange looks until I figured out that the one I thought was cute was NOT Shane, but was Doug and now SHANE though I liked him. Awkward. After exchanging maybe 2 words with Doug, all the guys left and we went home. I didn’t get to see Doug the rest of my trip that weekend. When I arrived back to Lawrence, Kansas that Sunday night I met my friend Kristen for margaritas and told her about Doug, even though I barely knew him. I added him as a friend on Facebook and after hesitating, and a few margaritas, Kristen convinced  me to send him a Facebook message which read “Hey Doug, it was great meeting you the other night! We should get together next time I am in town”. I HAD MADE THE FIRST MOVE, despite what he thinks. His response didn’t give anything away and we didn’t message for a whole month.

A month goes by and we have not talked at all. It’s my graduation morning from KU, all the family is in town and I have a new message in my inbox. From Doug? Weird. after a month of nothing why is he all of a sudden messaging me. He send me this long excited message out of nowhere that is very suspicious and my dad “swears he didn’t say anything to him”. But he did. Later on I come to find that my dad spilled the beans to Doug's roommate at the time. I guess it all worked out in the end. 

On December 13th, 2011 (2 days before my birthday) Doug had asked me to go to dinner to the place where we had our first official date. I didn’t think anything of this because we had planned it together and I knew we needed to celebrate my birthday before as we were travelling to Ohio on my birthday to celebrate Christmas with his family.  On the ride from our house to downtown I immediately noticed that Doug was acting weird. He was trying to make small talk with me saying things like.. “uhh isn’t it pretty outside?” come on, we’ve been dating for awhile we don’t make small talk. He conveniently parked right next to waterfront park along the water and asked me to go for a walk.. IN HEELS and in the cold.. OK….?  So were walking and we sit on a bench and he starts professing his love for me and at that point I knew he was about to pop the question. He then fumbles in his pocket and gets down on one knee and proposes. I almost cried, I’m surprised I didn’t but it was very special. The next thing he says is “did you see where the ring is from!?”.. “TIFFANYS!”. Like that would have made any difference at all. He had also planned that when we arrive at the restaurant we sat at the same exact table as we did on our first date and ordered the same dishes we ate on our first night. At dinner he proceeds to tell me how he managed to do this undercover (getting the ring)  a few months prior he “had to work the weekend”. Which if you don’t know, is something happens a lot for his job. So of course I didn’t think anything of it at the time. But I do remember that one Saturday he worked thinking, this is a LONG day for a Saturday since he usually worked 6 hours. But I know how Boeing is and that’s not unusual. Little did I know, he really didn’t go to work but drove 4 hours to Charlotte, NC to pick up the best man and go to Tiffany’s to pick up the ring he had special ordered even months prior to that. Then, dropped off the best man and came home—all in one day. He hid the box in a boot that is way too high up for me to reach.

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