First Date

So Doug and I have 2 first dates, although he would disagree. Leading up to me moving to Charleston, Doug and I talked on the phone or texted every day. He was one to build up how amazing our first date would be and told me to be ready for a very “knight in shining armour pick up”. Keep in mind, I didn’t have my car here in Charleston for the first month. Doug and I exchange a few text messages on where we should go for some drinks and we agree on a beach side tavern called Poe’s. He then insists that we MEET there. WHAT, he wants to MEET ME THERE?  Aren’t the men supposed to pick the lady up on their first date!? Even after reminding him of my car situation he still didn’t offer to pick me up. Let’s just say I was NOT impressed and even told my mom I contemplated not meeting up with him. Lucky for him, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and borrowed my mom’s car to meet him. I pull up to Poe’s and he pulls in right behind me. What a cute face he had!  We go in and have a great conversation over a few glasses of wine. He made up for not picking me up by coming prepared with a blanket and bottle of wine to take on the beach to end the date. Which also ended with our first Kiss.

Our REAL first date, because he picked me up, was to an Italian restaurant called Boccis. I was so excited and got all dressed up in an LBD with cute matching wedges. I see his car pull up and peak through the window to watch him get out. I yelled to my mom, “WHAT, HES WEARING SHORTS AND SANDALS!!” I am over-dressed. I freak out and immediately have to change. Being a female, you know that is not a 2 second decision we can make. I was not prepared for this!  After what was probably 30 minutes of trying on outfits I threw on a tank and jeans and we headed out the door. We sit down at Boccis and are going over the menu. Doug proceeds to ask me what I wanted for dinner and I chose the Gnocci pronounced (NO-chi). The waitress comes by to take our order and before I can open my mouth Doug orders for me!  WHAT! Ive never had a guy order for me! I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Dinner went well and he dropped me off at home. I ran to my mom and “mom, he ordered for me!! “ she replied “OMGOSH, that’s so old-fashioned!” how cute”.

The rest is history!

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